Pondview Software

Intelligent Spreadsheets

Use the integration power of Excel to automatically create, format and populate printable Excel Worksheets tailored to the specifics of your business, using your data.

In an Intelligent Spreadsheets much of the spreadsheet creation effort is automated.   The user selects a specific subset of data based on predetermined criteria.   The top of the spreadsheet may actually look like a form with text boxes and drop down lists to ease criteria selection.   The spreadsheet is populated using a SQL query built from the selected criteria.   Once populated the spreadsheet is dynamically formatted including predefined calculations and total lines.   The formatted spreadsheet can either be printed as a report or used for further analysis by the more advanced Excel user.

On demand access to your data using Microsoft Excel.  Track operational data when you need to know.  View order backlog or shipments for the day, month, or year.  Identify production backlogs by operation by the hour, shift, or day.