Pondview software is dedicated to successfully solving customer computer problems.  Working with a customer on a one-to-one basis, problems are defined and solutions outlined.  Periodically during the development cycle prototypes are available for customer review and comment. Using an iterative development approach allows customers to revise their requirements as they gain clarity from working with prototype solutions.

Satisfied customers result from solved problems using solid technology freely sprinkled with delighters!

Pondview Software prefers to perform customer work at it's home office, with periodic customer meetings to gather information and preview deliverables. Working from a central location also speeds turn around when support is required.

Pondview Software work is normally done on a time and materials basis plus travel expenses. Travel expenses to a customer site are locally mileage, tolls, and parking or remotely plane fare, car rentals, meals, lodging plus any other travel related miscellaneous expenses.

While customer meetings are valued, the availability of high speed internet connections permits remote project work and project support without rquiring a consistent on site presence.

All work is satisfaction guaranteed.